Navigating Wellness: Patient Navigation

Navigating Wellness is a digital tool for librarians and library patrons that augments USPSTF information to enhance the accessibility of up-to-date and tailored, preventive screening and wellness information to underserved populations in the Chicagoland area. The Navigating Wellness tool empowers library patrons to consume health information and utilize preventive health services, while equipping librarians with tools to support preventive health information seeking within public libraries. 

In conjunction with Navigating Wellness, The Well Mama Module serves as its supplement and provides library patrons with up-to-date and tailored wellness information related to maternal health and librarians with tools needed to support maternal health information seeking within public libraries. 


Both Navigating Wellness and the Well Mama Module builds on our partnerships with Chicago Public Libraries as well as our team’s decades of experience designing programs to improve health literacy, communication, and facilitation of patients across health care systems.


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What is the USPSTF?

What is the USPSTF?

What is the USPSTF? The role of USPSTF The USPSTF is an independent panel of national experts that makes evidence-based recommendations about clinical preventive services.

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For more information on prevention recommendations and services please visit the US Preventive Services Task Force website here or use this widget to access recommendations based on patient specific risk factors.

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Find the USPSTF Site difficult to use to find recommendations?

Try MyHealthFinder:

Balanced Nutrition

Learn more about creating a balanced, healthy diet

Preventive Services

What are preventive services? How can you utilize them?

Smoking Cessation

Get support to stop smoking cigarettes today.

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Health For All Project

Created and Tested by doctors and scientists at Northwestern University from a paper tool- Health For All is a tool to teach people about clinical trials. Health for All – Real Talk: Clinical Trials. 

Well Mama Module

Well Mama is a one stop shop for navigating wellness for expecting women and other birthing individuals. Created as a partnership between Northwestern University’s Center for Health Equity Transformation and the Chicago Public Library to help guide library patrons in the family planning health journey.