Nutrition Myth

Nutrition Myths Nutrition  Myth: Eating past 8 will make you gain weight.  Fact: There has been no direct link with eating past a certain time and gaining weight. Weight gain happens when you consume more calories than you burn, therefore the time of day that you eat does not matter. However, eating right before bed […]

Physical Activity Basics

Physical Activity Basics Physical activity is any body movement that requires more energy than resting. Exercise is only one type of physical activity, there are other forms that are less structured and planned. Being physically active is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   Types of physical activity: Aerobic activity strengthens your heart and lungs muscles […]

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics The public generally knows that good nutrition allows you to maintain a healthy weight. A well-balanced diet provides good nutrition by ensuring your body is getting all of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients needed to function properly. Below are nutrition basics to ensure a healthy diet:  Food Groups   Vegetables are an important source […]